TV Licence

Are you interested in supporting strong, witty, foolish – yet strangely AWESOME independent media?


Benefits of membership [known as the TV Licence] include the uncensored Bonus Show [called Extra Dirty] after every show , access to archives of the entire show history dating back almost 3 years, a commercial-free version of the regular show, and STUPID AMOUNTS more. Licence Fees start at $15 per month or $160 per year, and for those able and willing to contribute more, we offer higher level memberships. Leigh will also personally thank you for purchasing a TV Licence on the show – as well as every time a new payment is taken.

Members of the Dirty Boxers Family who own a TV Licence support more programming, greater content and keep the true independence of Dirty Boxers. Or, make a one-time contribution for any amount you’d like towards this month’s goal through this link. Or, support the show by ordering Dirty Boxers’ hoodies and t-shirts!

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Small Print
* Total does not include audio content.
† Total does not include duplicate content which is included on the Live streams. This total reflex the amount of original content that is avaliable ‘On Demand’ for the TV Licence holder.

Dirty Boxers uses this much valued income from the licence fee to pay for its TV, radio and online services, plus other costs, as shown below.