The Shows

From a tiny silly little podcast produced from a shared student house based in Cambridge in 2009 – The Dirty Boxers Show has grown and spawned in to a mamouth collection of insanity and entertainment.

Presented by Leigh Brown (who is the Saviour of Podcasting), Ben Mosh (when he can be bothered to show up) and Tory Hunter, with the occasional ‘special’ guests; the Dirty Boxers world of content is a beautiful, shiny and generally happy shows with many available as handy and helpful MP3 for your pleasure and download.

The Dirty Boxers Show

The Dirty Boxers Show is a daily radio show and podcast that covers everything and nothing important from the mad world around us in an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek type-manner. With random rants about silly little things, weird news, pointless reviews and made-up historical facts; you’ll be scratching your head wondering why this vast quantity of awesomeness isn’t available on a radio station near you…

Dirty Boxers: Extra Dirty

Liking the show sire… Keep up the good work!

Eddie Izzard


It’s a rather funny little ditty

Adam Curry

The PodFather

That Dirty Boxers Podcast is always worth a listen

Richard Vobes

Dirty Boxers: Live

Dirty Boxers: Bitesize


Dirty Boxers: Magic Moment


Dirty Boxers: Video Edition

For the first time in FULL HD

Dirty Boxers: Car Wash


Dirty Boxers: Pixel Pusher

Dirty Boxers: Just the Interviews

Dirty Boxers: Instant