The Dirty Boxers Podcast is a daily show that covers everything and nothing important from the mad world around us in an entertaining, tongue-in-cheek type-manner. With random rants about silly little things, weird news, pointless reviews and made-up historical facts; you’ll be scratching your head wondering why this vast quantity of awesomeness isn’t available on a radio station near you…

Presented by Leigh Brown (who is the Saviour of Podcasting) with the occasional ‘special’ guests; the Dirty Boxers Podcast is a beautiful, shiny and generally happy show which is available as a handy and helpful MP3 for your pleasure and download.

Why not be manly and check out one of the shows below… And if you like it, check out how you can subscribe to the show here to ensure you do not miss out an episode of this truly award-winning* show.

*If we could be bothered to find an award that we’d want to win!
(For now, Leigh has earned a Gold Swimming Award Certificate enabling him to be able to tread water in pyjamas for up to 20 minutes… Which to be honest, is the real award that EVERYONE wants to have!)

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