Thank you for your donation

Thank you for your AWESOME contribution to the Dirty Boxers show.

Your donation was truly awesome, and will [hopefully] secure the future of the show. As you know, we looking for 50 EPIC Partners to ensure that the show can continue, and fix our huge cashflow problem.

If you opted for recognition, your name and comments will be discussed in the next show, as well as placed in the show notes – so all can see how truly great and noble you really are.

Thanks again!

8 Replies to “Thank you for your donation”

  1. I am about at the end of what I can do for the show this month I hope others will be willing to pitch in, and keep Dirty Boxers alive!

  2. Ok I finally got paypal working (hadn’t used it in a year so the red tape was rough) but transactions have been completed. I hope everyone is well!!

  3. Received the loverly ‘Webmistress’ shirt (last Saturday) and the Festamas card (today). I just returned from a bizness trip to Orlando, Floriday-o and their local news is full of the cray-cray. I’ll call into the show tomorrow IF you read this and if the hunky MCS is around.

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