S Club 7 are back, Tory & Leigh Reviews Their Re-Launch “Performance”, plus The Walking Dead | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 793

It be Monday…

Tory and Leigh are playing and mucking about as “Daddy Ben” is a way today. On Friday, Tashabella’s favourite band OF ALL TIME (maybe a lie) S Club 7 reformed – in no way as a desperate money grab. Meanwhile, it is Wonky Peaks Railway John’s Birthday.

With Tory’s superior music skills, and Leigh having heard a song that one time, they are more than trained to pull a part S Club’s relaunch performance that foolishly happened LIVE on Friday Night’s BBC Children in Need.

Meanwhile, the reason why Leigh doesn’t subscribe to Netflix – even though he really would like to catch up on all things The Walking Dead. Tory rubs it in.

On Extra Dirty:

  • There have been links posted in the Chatroom, and causes issues
  • Leigh received a weird SMS message last Wednesday from an Ex-Mrs Brown – friends with benefits
  • INTERLUDE: Quick story about weddings over the weekend…
  • Leigh want’s a cool Super Hero Sleeping Bag – Tory disagrees
  • THEMED Underoos are ALSO a thing, which are concerning

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DB651 – Diaries of a Broken Mind, Ginger-Pube Gate continues, and ‘Fat sisters’ refused splash ride at themepark

It be Thursday…

Leigh is here, and Ben isn’t – nothing new – but good news, Brian is here instead. It’s bloody hot!

BBC Three have been broadcasting a season of films looking at a range of mental health issues affecting young people in Britain today – Leigh decides to highlight one called “Diaries of a Broken Mind”.

From watching the documentary, Leigh has been thinking that maybe he is having issues himself [again]. Meanwhile, Brian has a fact about a cat. Leigh thinks it might be a good idea to continue where the documentary end, and create a shared YouTube account for people to document their own issues with mental health problems. http://scarletsaint.tumblr.com/ | http://www.youtube.com/ScarletSaintOnline

Tory and Tom call in the second hour… Things are discussed.

An employee at an adventure park in Halmstad, western Sweden, has landed herself in hot water after refusing to allow two siblings on a popular aquatic attraction, labelling them ‘too fat’ to ride. Keith Wiens, Retired RCMP, Admits Killing His Wife After Losing Sex Bet On Nintendo Wii Game.

DB568 – Dirty Buckets, Coca-Cola Kills, and Fathers on Fire

It be Wednesday…

David calls in surrounded by goats. Ben is hanging out with Mrs Splinter, and is ‘unable’ to join the show today. We have an interesting catchup about goats. Feedback from LoneSQRL concerning the subject of people who die young, and how we should help them. Leigh would be an AMAZING farmer! Interesting points about the goldern triangle. Concern over Piers Morgan and our mission statement. Leigh gives important top tips about how to flirt while at school. Tashabella is planning to go to Drag Queen show in New York. Pants vs Trousers.

In hour two, Brian joins us. A prosecutor Tuesday told an English jury Mick Philpott and his wife set a fire that killed his six children to frame his former mistress. Survey: Swedes friendlier than Brits. Coca-Cola addiction linked to death.

DB550 – KILLER SNOW [is a lie], School teacher streaked in front of his pupils, and ‘Bathroom Bandit’ Stealing Toilet Parts

It be Friday…

No loving sponsor today.

For the BIG Friday show, Leigh is joined by Ginger Steve and Daniel Bell once again to chat about rubbish and get up to mischief. Danny boi is playing hookie from school – which Leigh only learning LIVE on air… Meanwhile, Ginger Steve has had a plumber round. [For those who DON’T know what a Henry Vacuum cleaner is image]. Leigh was set a challenge for working out how much it would cost to get a train from Gilwell Park to London and back. In other news, Skiing maybe cancelled cause of SNOW?! We are also joined by Hello_Kelli and Tony the Batty Boy Tony!

Grammar school teacher streaked across garden in front of his pupils: MBE holder found guilty of misconduct. Vanilla sex is OUT, porn addiction is IN: Disturbing survey reveals how porn is damaging our relationships. King of the cub scouts Tristan, 10, bags all 54 badges in just two years [image]. Cross-Dressing Carjacker Busted. Matthew Rader, Oregon Man, Allegedly Tattooed Name Near Underage Girl’s Vagina. ‘Bathroom Bandit’ Stealing Toilet Parts Throughout Milwaukee.

DB326 – Yahoo! Trending Now Show Lies… [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Leigh is not enjoying this week of FOOLISH time differences… Tomorrow [Friday] will have about 30 mins of pre-recorded nonsense as Leigh has got ‘stuff’ he needs to do. Please join the LOVE site on Facebook. Old woman gets offended by asking for ID to buy booze. Paranormal Activity & Paranormal Activity 2 watching with Dominic Neagle [with a super secret… Shh!]. Chat with Radio Dan on The Radio Dan Show about Titanic 3D. Paranormal Activity vs Blair Witch Project. Chinese Prisons smuggle phones and alcohol. Recap and update of Dirty Boxers: Dark Side. “Worlds Most Inappropriate Halloween Party” and how ‘Yahoo! Trending Now show’ makes up their news! [video | image]. BBC TV 75th Birthday. PLUS your top 5 geeky news. William Hague talks RUBBISH about ‘Cyber Space Security’.

On Dirty Boxers, Extra Dirty: Performance artist gives birth in NY gallery, and FyreTV Now Streaming Porn To Boxee.

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DB201 – Old People kicking Young peoples’ bot bots

It be Wednesday…

On today’s show we talk about how Oregano is now considered a ‘drug’ in Virginia schools, naked Chinese skiers, foolish Taxi drivers, and how old people and young people are basically the same in the eyes of mainstream media PLUS a new game of Celebrity Kidnapping is launched… And SO much more…

DB181 – Feel a bit stoned

It be Wednesday…

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