DB523 – Taking Polls about Taking Poles and Taylor Swift’s Face

It be Wednesday…

We have got a top tip from David Pakman (friend of the show), ask a question at the start of the show!

We then move on to hating on Taylor Swifts appearance, she looks like a raggy doll.

If you have worked in retail, sometimes “crap gets real”, when people poo in the store (not in the toilet).

A 10 year old girl in finland has been arrested for trying to download an album from the pirate bay.

A Russian poll has found that 6% of workers would use sex to get a good job.

60 Christmas trees have been stolen from the Boy Scouts of America.

Deputies in America walked into a home and found a pole dancer, two hissing alligator and a stash of pot. They arrested a man on charges of shooting.