Dirty Boxers 072

Catch up show, due to my absence…

Stuff covered in this show:

  • New project I can talk about soon
  • What I’ve been doing
  • Important news of my life
  • New purchases for the show
  • Missed doing this show
  • Supposed of done a show with Batty-Boy
  • Two additional shows on Saturday & Sunday to make up for the lack of shows this week!
  • Running on the lack of meds…
  • James from Luton (not from Leeds) should be concerned…
  • Update to my Library challenge
  • More hints about my new exciting project
  • Update on getting interviews for this show
  • Rude email from Tim of Dwarf Sports Association UK
  • Interviews coming up: Paula B from Writing Show, and Adam ‘The Podfather’ Curry
  • Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio
  • Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares in it here: http://dirtyboxers.net/book

Music played in this show:

  • Coming soon

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Presenter Leigh Brown
Producer Will Stephenson
Executive Producer Sir Mike Collins Esq. CBE