Dirty Boxers 070 – The countdown has begun!

And on to Friday! Stuff covered in this show: Take 2… Thunder & ‘Lightening’ last night Episode 70… 30 shows to 100 New content coming Talking to James from Luton (not Leeds) about jingles! Radio show change over… How it will work Extra shows coming! Dirty Boxers News One Road Travel ITV Show Programme: IMDB […]

Dirty Boxers 069 – Bugger it! Let’s just go for this bad boy!

Welcome to Thursday’s show… Stuff covered in this show: Trying to break my sleeping pattern Exciting news concerning my email address… Information about how you can help to promote the Book project Go to the Indiegogo profile and find some lovely links! Dirty Boxers News One Road Travel One Word Weather Issues with my ‘new […]

Too many notes… Don’t know where to start!

Over the past few years, I have been collecting a ridiculously huge amount of newspaper clippings, articles, books and generally interesting things from my travels; for no real reason – until now! At the moment, I am beavering away to try and put the collection of information I have gathered in to a structure that […]

Dirty Boxers 065 – Goodbye Cambridge, forever and a day [repost]

Friday’s show, posted on a Sunday?! How strange! Stuff covered in this show: Leaving Cambridge, and moving back to the Parents in Haverhill town Sniffer playing with a dictionary End of an Era?! Saviour of Hosting for the Saviour of Podcasting: Astrahosting.co.uk Failed again in life I’m like a crap old Phoenix coming back and […]

Dirty Boxers 064 – I’m drinking wine, and it’s all his fault!

Wednesday’s show, posted on a Saturday?! How strange! Stuff covered in this show: Wine tasting No Website… But New Website The youth of today Me in the news Sniffer’s update about his own podcast Changing the RSS feeds – issues about changing the site Big shout outs: James from Luton (not Leeds) blog.mu-sic.co.uk, and Bren […]