ED601 – Beeb Judge Judy and other stories

It be Monday POSTSHOW…

Leigh, Ben and Brian chat about everything and nothing really important – usual stuff really. Leigh explains how silly the studio situation REALLY is, and what is coming [hopefully] soon in the post. This leads [rather rudely] to slagging off Final Cut X and Avid. Also, concerning news about NEXT Thursday & Friday – and a choice that people need to make.

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DB601 – Ding dong! The Witch is Dead…

It be Monday…

We are back from a 2 week hiatus, with a not-quite finished studio. Therefore we are working with the old studio temporarily.
We bring back some games, the scout magazine and magazine battleships.

Leigh has recieved various packages in his frond door and back-end.

http://www.isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk/ has been update over the break. How rude.

We start up the last half hour with donations and the game of the scouting magazine.