DB468 – Tetris is as Russian as Granny Porn

It be Friday…

Leigh is flying blind today! The instruments have broken and only the webmistresses can save us! Leigh has been at a hospital bed for a long time, and is completely unprepared. Therefore, Ben @splinter701 calls in to say hi and talk tosh.
jm1117 @johnm1117 calls in to tell us about his ongoing road trip and holiday, he is having a good old time. He graciously gives us a weather report.
We call Brain @brianmonroe and he acts as Leigh for a couple of minutes. He the goes in to full technoexpert on the subject of SEO.

A woman in Ohio has broken INTO a jail, our expert panel discusses this in depth, changing the topic through a series of related discussions to stealing copper and other semi-precious metals.
We then return the original story (which Ben thinks sounds like a movie scene).
We then move on the topic of software and technology, with adobe and nokia being lambasted by Leigh and Brian, with Ben helping.
A man has been extremely upset by a picture of a certain american presidential candidate on his girlfriends facebook.

DB466 – Grumpy Old Gits and Fix-a-Flat Tits

It be Wednesday…

After days we are back! It is most definitely not a slow news day. We discuss recent events and other stuff, including movies and films. Leigh has finally got his laptop fixed, he uses it for skype.
Cynmac (one of our illustrious webmistresses) gives us a voicemail expressing her dissatisfaction at Leigh being away.
Leigh explains his absence for the past couple of days, the grumpy old git is apparently the cause of this issue.
digitalrhapsody.net is LIVE and has awesome light graffiti on it.

LoneSQRL calls in to rant and explain how things are going.
Some german researchers have created a passive aggressive system that allows people to call up and swear and rant. A watershed idea is proposed by Leigh.

An Austrian applauded for catching a 7.5 ft boa constrictor has been found out as a fraud. Apparently he couldn’t get a grip of his snake.

A man in florida has allegedly shot and killed a door to door salesman on his property.

A man who allegedly injected a woman in the buttocks in an illegal cosmetic surgery, has been charged with manslaughter