DB444 – Emo Leigh + Sputnik Ears = Blue Curry House

It be Tuesday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

Apologies for Monday’s show – Long weekend of being Emo. It’s Sputnik’s Birthday today. Business plans FROM HELL! The paypal plugin on the dirtyboxers.net website has been modified to work properly. The wall of awesomeness is awesome, donate to dirtyboxers. Leigh was late today (#6) because of a meeting with suits and emails and stuff. Business plans and miscommunication abound in this meeting, but in the end people got the message (through any way possible). Monies are extremely hard to get a hold of, it takes a champion! The plugin of awesomeness which controls the wall of awesomeness, and laz @larryortiz is the first on the wall. At university, in any exam fill in your name, a bibliography and a picture to win.