DB529 – The Woes of Whistling Woody, Cheap Prostitutes, and the Hobbit in 3D

It be Thursday…

We have a new ad for Derek made by Jay, our new favourite person. We continue the countdown to the hobbit. We also discuss movies in general.

A San Diego pub has found a unique way of dealing with negative yelp reviews, reading them aloud in the bathrooms! We find a cartoon that looks strangely like Laz [image].

Russian iTunes Store shows porn. Leigh brings out a 40s car crash TV coming out video, yay! We then return to Memphis and its prostitution problem.

DB517 – Dosh in the Hole, Journalistic Integrity and the eBay Med Checklist

It be Monday…

Ben calls in along with Matt (who got sloshed over the weekend). Brits love Cher according to Tashabella, as a webmistress she is obviously right.

Leigh then relates the story of his weekend, along with (non-glory) holes and missing money.
We also discuss the reason for Leigh being crazy, and why this show exists.

Ben finally saw Red Dwarf X! Yay! We then continue with the reason Leigh is crazy.

We then revisit an old show, to be specific: last fridays show. The radio talk show host sharing child porn on his facebook page.