DB617 – Star Trek: Into Darkness Review, Meteror in UK, Volcano in Iceland, and BIG news for the show

It be Thursday…

Leigh has good news and bad news. BT infinity is finally available! Ben has been playing games again, is the one he focuses on today.

Leigh brings up the bad news after a bit of a show-about-a-show segment. Star Trek Into Darkness, many gripes are aired and names are thrown around.

After our serious criticism of the afore-mentioned film. We go on to serious news about fireballs, volcanoes and grounded planes. A tonne of volcanic ash has been flown from Iceland to Luton airport in readiness for a “unique experiment” to test an aircraft warning system designed to detect ash clouds.

DB336 – Occupy Miami Update, Twice Daily, and who is the impostor? [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

A day of madness and tech issues – but we’re having fun! Spot the difference: Skype, skype, and bloody skype! Found a way to run 2 versions of Skype at the same time… Twice in one day… Botch vs Butch. Thanks to Stephen Heywood’s “Broadcast Now” for the ‘sneaky’ multiple Skype idea. Mr Oil calls, while fighting with an EVIL UPS guy. An impostor calls in to ‘Out Loud’ pretending to be Leigh?! Plus Joshua calls in to gives us an insight in to Occupy Miami.

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