DB694 – WORST Computer-generated animation STILL catches online predators, Indian media applaud Mars mission launch – Leigh is annoyed…

It be Tuesday…

Leigh thinks there was not enough content on the show yesterday, and he blames Ben. So with this in mind, Leigh tries to invest AWESOME amounts in today…

The US firm Opower – which encourages its customers to save energy – is expanding its business into Asia. Asia is a huge consumer of energy and demand is growing by the day – making efficient usage essential.

A five-year-old child was shot in the face by an eight-year-old boy, police have confirmed – just a few miles down the road from the Ivory Tower. The boy is at the Royal London Hospital with a serious, but not life-threatening, face injury.

A REALLY bad computer-generated animation pretending to be an 10 year old girl from the Phillipines has been luring pedophiles to ask for sex acts.

We discover Tory’s colletion of t-shirts and Ben’s extensive knowledge of popular culture.

This person is the pope and this person is an actor. Can you tell the difference?

Leigh shows us a video of some elderly people playing the piano.

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DB598 – Sea king replacement ‘brings danger’, Did Dr Beeching get it wrong, and Father sues son over iPad?!

It be Wednesday…

Brian, Ben, Tory, Cynthia and Tashabella join Leigh for a random ranty show of joy.

The UK’s emergency helicopters have been replaced with a private American companies helicopters. We then deal with troubles on the stream, and move to the emergency backup system. 50 years ago yesterday, the Beeching report cut a lot of railways. This was in the same newspapers as the above story.

A man in the west country of the UK has sued his son over in-app purchases on his iPad. LA restaurant names ‘no-show assholes’ on Twitter. Gates Foundation offers $100,000 for more pleasurable condom.