DB319 – Occupy Kanye West

It be Tuesday… Leigh is going to sort things out in the world! But first he is concerned that he is suffering from hypothermia – so checks his edition of “The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques, by Alexander Stilwell“. Why would anyone want to occupy Dallas? Quick overview of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls. How to say […]

DB310 – Engagements, Todd Cochrane [The great great great GREAT Grandfather of Zefram Cochrane], and War on Poland

It be Monday… Leigh tries to take over the No Agenda Chatroom, and fails… So backtracks like Netflix! Reason why we couldn’t take over Sir Darryl’s show on Friday. Paul’s Engagement Party. A story about suits. Being introduced to the In-laws family. Being told stories I should know about Paul. Issues with America (from a […]

DB203 – I Like His Receding Hairline

In today’s beautiful big bitchy bumper show (with Tonythetiger880) There’s feedback galore! Steve and Frank’s E-mails and many wrong guesses for Celebrity Kidnapping. We are swamped in news stories including naked shower protests, Student’s party room and Slurry rolling perverts. Leigh’s been doing his journalistic digging skills and a there’s even a little bit more […]