DB637 – Google to Eradicate Child Porn Images from the Web and Ban for Men Urinating while standing

It be Monday…

With many aches and pains, Leigh makes his way to the microphone to broadcast to all you lovely people. His parents have gone on holiday in a caravan, just in time for fathers day.

Leighs back has been acting up again, and not in a good way. He has been catching up on podcasts, we discuss them in depth.

Top of the hour gets hijacked by pancakes?! http://www.chow.com/recipes/28985-lemon-ricotta-pancakes

Congratulations to Success Freaks for putting on an amazing conference.

We pay attention to iOS for a little while. Ben shares a security risk story threatpost.com/features-conspire-to-connect-iphones-to-rogue-networks/ .
Leigh shares some frustrations of iOS and twitter among other things.

The Swedish left party has put forward a motion to ban standing while peeing illegal using public restrooms.