DB382 – Adam Curry DOES NOT wear a wig [and we need to apologies], Getting on TWiT, and Breaking No Agenda Stream…

It be Friday… Let’s be education in the world of volume. We need to apologies to Adam Curry for yesterday’s rude words… Meanwhile TalkRadio X starts randomly talking to Leigh via Skype Text Chat – MUCH confusion! Antubert calls in to the ‘All Digital Radio Tech Helpdesk’. Laz [Google+] calls in to help with Leigh’s […]

DB342 – Top 10 rules to avoid PC Virus Infections, Wedding Photographers, Man Engagement Rings and Monday Song

It be Monday… Apologies for sound quality, today’s show was recorded via GitmoSlave in Florida! Welcome back to Dirty Boxers! Huge update about the Half-broken Studio with Dominic Neagle. Mr Oil is getting married. Issues with weddings. Leigh was on BagelTech Nonsense on Saturday. Story about a sore throat. Was supposed to be on NAPU […]

DB120 – Who wants a Cherry… Picker?

Bit later than usual… But still here! Stuff covered in this show: Sponsor: 10% of domain names over at www.hover.com/dirtyboxers Sponsor: Amazingly affordable hosting: www.astrahosting.co.uk Found out why power was iffy on Friday for TWiT Network Scout ‘fun’ Feedback Going Camping this weekend Would like suggestions for places to go in the Peak District – […]

DB118 – So… What happened then?

Welcome to another week of shows! Stuff covered in this show: Power of the Pixel So what happened with the TWiT Network? Dirty Boxers Family Noticeboard Anthony wants me to move in with him?! T-shirts will be up soon! Japanese Cabinet Minister in Vogue Why I need a computer… 🙁 Going to see Designers Dominic […]

DB117 – Tonight’s the Night

The end of another great week of shows! Stuff covered in this show: Tonight I’ll be on the TWiT Network! WHOOP! Weird Scout meeting going on in the Chatroom Learning about Compromise I want that one Crisps (made from potatoes) will be packaged in Potatoes Johnny Depp visits London School Geeky News Weird News Want […]

DB112 – Oh my God, It’s Friday!

Welcome to Friday’s show! Stuff covered in this show: Technical Issues Interviewed Tom for Power of the Pixel Been invited to appear on TNT which is on the TWiT Network Jeff and his driving test The X Files: I want to believe review Anthony’s Birthday party tonight Weird News WordPress Tips Swap Geeky News Want […]

DB109 – Playing with faders…

A rather hyper Tuesday show… Stuff covered in this show: Bloody Block Captials… Home Alone Can I get on the TWiT Network? Virgin Media launchs 3D on demand movies Full Moon Beer Jeff taken to meet mad people Housewife Tip Swap Geeky News Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio Leigh is writing […]