DB458 – Grumpy Old Toy Boys For Mermaids

It be Tuesday…

It is NOT a slow news day today, there are many, many stories submitted by the lovely Tashabella and LoneSQRL. Ben @splinter701 calls in and has sound problems, but fixes them in the end. We have a good technical discussion about audio and weird technical terms. We have feedback, it is lovely and wholesome. Dirtyboxers is now in the sticher app, but the address is wrong and emails will have to be exchanged.
An interesting trolley chat happens, with Leigh relating some antics of his.
There is a 3D photo which shows the cabins that the explorers to the south pole lived in. Its very cool and can be found here
A mermaid was not found, also medusa was also not found.
A 4 year old has switched genders, a vigorous discussion occurs about white t-shirts.