ED699 – Trip to McD’s with Nazi Boy, Leigh wants to be Kevin Rose, and Virtual BarberShop

It be Wednesday POSTSHOW…

Leigh, Ben and Tory talk about the current situation with Dirty Boxers – technology wise. Leigh is feeling a tad concerned that every other network and show seems to be constantly buying new technology, and yet we seem to be only a few items a way from completing the studio. He also explains how he is starting to think about next years’ tour around the UK. Meanwhile, Leigh has had a thought about the new Skype machine. Missing Diggnation.

Virtual Barber Shop:

Video Version

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Audio Version

DB644 – Leigh’s Birthday aftermath, Food Blogs, and Cannabis-Fed Pigs…

It be Friday…

Leigh is NOT hungover… Honest. Thankfully Tory is here to add support. Brian calls in to talk about food – a shocking revelation! Babies in restaurants turn out to be Brian’s kryptonite. Leigh then FINALLY starts to explain what happened at his birthday gathering.

Leigh had an idea with Ben last night, and explains how he wishes to go travelling in the next couple of months. It’s known as ‘Van-dwelling’ in the USA.

Marijuana-Fed Pigs Make ‘Best Pork Chop You’ve Ever Had’.¬†‘Taboo USA’: Breatharian Kirby Survives On Air And Has Only Had Seven Meals In 10 Months.¬†British Psychic TV Channels Fined For Not Telling Viewers It’s All B.S.