DB495 – Sleepy from 24 after 72

It be Wednesday…

Leigh relays his excuse for not doing a show yesterday, basically everyone told him was tired and he believed them. Ben and Steve (not ginger) call in to give encouragement and guidance. The Laz calls in to give the show a bit of class.
Laz relays the story of his crazy cat and makes plans to control her. Tashabella has to move her office around, it sucks.
Brian calls in to discuss cats, dogs…birds & bees and all that tosh.
We have a new zombie jingle! It signals a zombie event, of which one was held in new york.
Bear Grylls is in a new NBC reality TV show, what fun.
A man has fractured his penis, and has sued the manufacturer of the penis enhancing supplements he was using at the time.

DB494 – Irritable Portugese Balls and Swedish Lunches

It be Monday…

Leigh is tired and irritable, 24 hours of continuous broadcasting does tire one. A Beatles album is being re-released digitally, who knew? (certainly not Ben and Matt who have called in).
We then play everyones favourite songs, including dubstep versions.
Ginger Steve then calls in to provide tech support and talk about the dangers of alchol.

A portugese man has murdered his gay lover in a fit of rage. He then cut of the dead mans testicles and wandered around manhatten touching people with them.

We have a voicemail from Tashabella.

A lunch lady in sweden has been reprimanded for giving high school students food that was too good.

DB488 – Fürstenfeldbruck

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is very tired, after having late night phone calls about nasty stuff. Ben calls in to provide commentary on certain subjects.
Leigh introduces 2 new games “We really want to see your boxers” and “Herpes Heroes, AKA:Derek”.

We bring back an old segment “old biddy watch”. An 88 yr old woman has been fined for hitting her 66 yr old son with a broom.
Another old biddy has modified an old painting of Jesus and botched it up.

If one wants to know about a the name and address of a certain submarine base, Leigh reveals it with much pomp.

We have florida news. A man has tried to shoot a couple having “fun times” while driving on the highway.
We then discuss cars at length, the proper term is “manual transmission” not “stick”.

DB411 – Metrosexual is the new gay

It be Tuesday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

Leigh is very tired, but still excited about yazm.in. The troubles of making a promotional video when police are involved. MCS calls in to discuss the new and great yazm.in. MrOil calls in and then walks his dog. The yazm.in video is now published after a lot of work. Should gingers be given a suntan lotion allowance? A brilliant idea is concieved, pizza place + medical marijuana = profits. Stories of scamming the system are analysed. Another brilliant idea, gays should adopt instead of using high-tech to concieve. MCS is accused of being a batty boy but instead discovered and classified as metrosexual.