DB539 – Breast Checks, Santa Cycles, and Pedo Gamers

It be Thursday…

Leigh’s family is leaving him for the holidays *sad face*. We talk about the future of the show for a little while – with the ‘countdown’ to when we launch the Video version of the show. We go into a discussion on film techniques and movies in general – with ‘Arry Ant making an [ALMOST] intelligent observation.

We then go into a discussion of instagram and their TOS. We move into the second half of the show and talk about silly stuff for a while. Leigh also complains about paypal. We then do the caption competition!

Breast cancer can be cured by squeezing breasts according to a study coming from Berkley. People on the sex offenders list can not play online games with x-box live or PSN, we discuss this. A spongebob app has been pulled from the Apple app store because it was collecting information from minors.

DB526 – Hobbit Preview and the Shameful Eagle Asterisks

It be Monday…

We begin the day with technical issues, but fix them quickly. Ben may be late, but is at the right place at the right time.
We are counting down to the hobbit, yay!

Kim Ridley, an oregon used car salesman, who allegedly used his daughter in a skimpy outfit to advertise a car. It turns out the model was not his daughter the whole time!

A scout in the U.S.A has been denied his promotion to Eagle Scout because he was gay.