DB454 – Laz’s Muscle Hurts…

It be Tuesday…

Today is a slow news day, so we talk about YESTERDAY’S news from the stunning, and completely factual “The Sun” tabloid newspaper. Supermarket trip from HELL. Mr Oil calls in from Florida about things… Tesco and their new ‘racist’ doll line [image]. Laz [@larryortiz] calls in to talk about his saggy bot bot. “Welsh Maggot” is racist. 14-Year-Old Girl is Urged by her Mother to get Breast Implants [image].

DB353 – French Breasts are BAD, Silicone Implant Paperweights, BT cables nicked from Haverhill, Updates about life

It be Wednesday…

French PIP Breasts are bad… But MHRA say they are good! Silicone implant paperweights. Festmas updates… EVIL Tesco Haverhill. Perhaps cancel Christmas? Salvation Army playing silly music in the entrance. The ‘science’ behind CRB Checks. Uncle Pete told Leigh about YouGov. Mr Oil calls in for a chat – and apologies for breaking Monday’s show. BT update – cables nicked from Haverhill. Mr Oil has a rant about UK Snow. Update about Dirty Boxers Festmas shows. Update with YouHaveDownloaded.com – RIAA and Homeland Security Caught Downloading Torrents – Splinter calls in Aussie-place! Leigh tries to get Splinter to drink. Roll call with Splinter. Laptop dies!

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