DB598 – Sea king replacement ‘brings danger’, Did Dr Beeching get it wrong, and Father sues son over iPad?!

It be Wednesday…

Brian, Ben, Tory, Cynthia and Tashabella join Leigh for a random ranty show of joy.

The UK’s emergency helicopters have been replaced with a private American companies helicopters. We then deal with troubles on the stream, and move to the emergency backup system. 50 years ago yesterday, the Beeching report cut a lot of railways. This was in the same newspapers as the above story.

A man in the west country of the UK has sued his son over in-app purchases on his iPad. LA restaurant names ‘no-show assholes’ on Twitter. Gates Foundation offers $100,000 for more pleasurable condom.

DB256 – Let’s catch up shall we?

It be Friday…

Let’s get back in to the groove! Stories about my Birthday gathering. Weird News: Yoda the Ugliest Dog, Soundproofed Hotels, Lego Volvo XC60 car, Teenager Thief ‘Parking’, How to break in to a bank, Mother-in-law from hell, Women footballers, Naked TV Host, Naked Woman taking a walk, PLUS your geeky news!