DB291 – Where did Justin Bieber’s Penis go?

It be Tuesday… Issues? What issues?

On today’s show:

  • The madness of technology
  • Justin Bieber’s Penis
  • Celebrity Trash: Madonna to critics: “review my movie, not me”
  • Feedback
  • Cameron would have made good KGB agent
  • SCIENCE IS IN: Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity
  • PLUS your Top 5 Geeky news for today

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DB267 – What Bus Wheels?

It be Tuesday…

Bit of a random show [nothing new then]. Leigh chats about his frustration about the tech he has to hand, and how it is crippling what he wants to produce. Meanwhile, Richard Vobes, of Vobes.com, has created an awesome first episode of “The Bald Explorer“. Also discussed: Toast Tribute, Another ‘bridge issue’ for China, and The wheels on the bus come off… PLUS some spanky Geeky news!