Taylor Swift Offending, Ice Bucket Gone Wrong & Naked Dating | Dirty Boxers Saturday 004

It be Saturday…

Tory & Big Voice Jay are outraged! They are seriously miffed! The Ice Bucket Challenge is just just turning stupid. Bit by bit they pull the stupidity a part to realise it’s STUPID.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge goes Wrong

More ALS Craziness…this time between Floyd Mayweather and Charlemagne

Guy Trolls Co-Worker, Holds Sandwich Hostage

What Makes Urine Smell when you Eat Asparagus?

What Sentence, said today, would be completely irrational 20 years ago

Dating Naked Cast Member Sues Because She Was Naked.

Vine Famous Stars in Meat Space

Man Eats Entire Taco Bell Dollar Menu…and Lives

On Extra Dirty:

  • Boots and Pants!!
  • PennySaver Commercial
  • NFL Super Bowl Acts May Have to Pay to Play
  • Is Taylor Swift’s New Video Offensive?
  • ShoeCam Used to Film Upskirts
  • Caramel Apple Oreos

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DB523 – Taking Polls about Taking Poles and Taylor Swift’s Face

It be Wednesday…

We have got a top tip from David Pakman (friend of the show), ask a question at the start of the show!

We then move on to hating on Taylor Swifts appearance, she looks like a raggy doll.

If you have worked in retail, sometimes “crap gets real”, when people poo in the store (not in the toilet).

A 10 year old girl in finland has been arrested for trying to download an album from the pirate bay.

A Russian poll has found that 6% of workers would use sex to get a good job.

60 Christmas trees have been stolen from the Boy Scouts of America.

Deputies in America walked into a home and found a pole dancer, two hissing alligator and a stash of pot. They arrested a man on charges of shooting.