DB550 – KILLER SNOW [is a lie], School teacher streaked in front of his pupils, and ‘Bathroom Bandit’ Stealing Toilet Parts

It be Friday…

No loving sponsor today.

For the BIG Friday show, Leigh is joined by Ginger Steve and Daniel Bell once again to chat about rubbish and get up to mischief. Danny boi is playing hookie from school – which Leigh only learning LIVE on air… Meanwhile, Ginger Steve has had a plumber round. [For those who DON’T know what a Henry Vacuum cleaner is image]. Leigh was set a challenge for working out how much it would cost to get a train from Gilwell Park to London and back. In other news, Skiing maybe cancelled cause of SNOW?! We are also joined by Hello_Kelli and Tony the Batty Boy Tony!

Grammar school teacher streaked across garden in front of his pupils: MBE holder found guilty of misconduct. Vanilla sex is OUT, porn addiction is IN: Disturbing survey reveals how porn is damaging our relationships. King of the cub scouts Tristan, 10, bags all 54 badges in just two years [image]. Cross-Dressing Carjacker Busted. Matthew Rader, Oregon Man, Allegedly Tattooed Name Near Underage Girl’s Vagina. ‘Bathroom Bandit’ Stealing Toilet Parts Throughout Milwaukee.

DB357 – Library sends Police to collect overdue books, Lack of Treats, FAKE Joe de Max, and Issues with Swimming Pools

It be Wednesday…

Leigh feeling lonely. Apologies to Podcast listeners. Leigh turns in to a SysAdmin / IT Guru to work out WTF on the live stream?! The first week of the year is rubbish and horrid and horrid and rubbish – ruins routines. Leigh like schedule and routine. Treats are ruined. New Years’ Swimming issues. MCS Matt tries to be FAKE Joe de Max. Dave Moyer vs Joe de Max. GitmoSlave calls in TRY to apologise. Charlton Library sends Police to collect overdue books from a 5 year old girl. Fine people who sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ wrongly. Walnuts are drugs [say the FDA]… And some other random silly-sausages…

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