DB610 – Happy 3rd Birthday to Dirty Boxers Show

It be Tuesday…

Let the festivites commence with beer! Brian & Mr Humphries call in to help celebrate. Dominic Neagle says you cannot ‘pinch and zoom’ with your face… Meanwhile, rants about public transport starts.

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme looked in to delivery firms, and had shocking footage from UKMail and TNT services. The episode is called “Secrets of Your Missing Mail”. Dispatches says: ‘With shoppers increasingly relying on private parcel companies to deliver online purchases, Dispatches goes undercover to find out why couriers sometimes fail to deliver’ – and is well worth a watch.

Leigh reviews again, with jealous envious eyes, how lovely Uncle Pete’s living in the west country. He also takes time to review how the show has changed over the past 3yrs and 600 odd episodes.

Woman fakes cancer, uses donated funds for heroin. Mother forced daughter, 14, to become pregnant, British court reveals. Swedes told to bury ‘freeze-dried’ dead. Reginald Cruz Allegedly Told Boy Scout Lies In Foot Fetish Scheme.

DB341 – Santa Claus is FIRED, EA Games don’t get it, and Houses are cheap!

It be Friday…

After a LONG week of issues, and general problems – Leigh wants to have a relaxed and chilled out show… What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Tony is almost finished his Movember challenge [Give him money!]. Leigh will be on BagelTech Nonsense on Saturday 9.30pm UK time [www.bageltechnews.com]. Update with the Police Pizza Shooting. Scouting meeting on Wednesday – going to redesign the 13th Cambridge Scout Group website. Splinter’s thoughts on EA, Unisoft and Steam. Mr Oil reports that the UK is closed on Wednesday.

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