DB524 – The Perfect Murder, Pope Rap and Racist Swedes

It be Thursday…

We start off the day by talking about the phone-hacking scandal in the UK. Panorama is now Leighs show of choice, giving such information as “how to commit the perfect murder” and “how to dodge tax”.

Kelli the webmistress calls in to ask our expert advice. Leigh has also spotted a interesting trend of people filming themselves coming out to the parents [video].

We then listen to and comment on the nsfw pope rap.

Hoody hoody news is back again! Drunk swedish MP’s being racist.

We get around (finally) to the deer story, lets just say a certain american woman is stupid.

DB380 – BREAKING NEWS: Tomato Soup has REAL Tomatoes in it! Starting a War against Stupidity…

It be Tuesday…

Can we start a war against stupidity? Is that allowed? Can Russians respect authority? Mr Oil calls in… WHAT a surprise! [@mroil] Close to MORE Hug-a-Mug moments. People could swallow small parts from Doctor Who Fob Watch. Update on lawsuits. Rant about BT – on BT Infinity Watch. Chatting about trains in the UK. Desperately trying to work out how to get the attic studio connected to fibre. MCS Matt [@matt0083] calls in for a catch up. Ben Splinter [@splinter701] is a FAKE AUSSIE! Laz [Google+] calls in to have a chat about IronSky. John Coles, our Brit in the USA, sends in a report from his travels [video]. Dirty Boxers in on the Stitcher app.

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