DB601 – Ding dong! The Witch is Dead…

It be Monday… We are back from a 2 week hiatus, with a not-quite finished studio. Therefore we are working with the old studio temporarily. We bring back some games, the scout magazine and magazine battleships. Leigh has recieved various packages in his frond door and back-end. http://www.isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk/ has been update over the break. How […]

DB091 – Interesting Moral Dilemma

A show concerning a dilemma of morals… Who would have known! Stuff covered in this show: My moral dilemma Feedback from Paul about Cloud Computing My new software StudioRack Apple and their new iPods Geeky News Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares […]