British woman jailed for trolling herself on Facebook | Extra Dirty | Episode 728

It be Friday POSTSHOW…

After an AWESOMELY successful show, Leigh is ready to celebrate – however people have other plans. Join by Callum, Tory, Cyntha and Matt.

Homework for Monday’s Show: The Venus Project – Future By Design.

Michelle Chapman, 24, has been sentenced to 20 months in jail for setting up fake accounts to send horrible comments to her own page, then reporting the abuse to police.

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DB697 – Man sets up camera to catch ghost – caught something else, Chinese man divorces and sues wife over ugly children and Poppy Day Parade

It be Monday…

Leigh tries to get around doing a GNU/Linux update, but Ben tells everyone about Linux Mint anyway. It runs with the MATE desktop which doesn’t use some of the 3D graphics libraries that the GNOME desktop environment uses, so it runs faster on tiny netbooks without dedicated graphics chips.

Leigh tells of his experience during the rememberance service, in which he meets many different people who say the same thing.

We talk about the upcoming Dr Who 50th anniversary, Leigh has various opinions and worries about this.

A chinese man has divorced and sued his former wife over the ugly children she gave him.

As we finish, Leigh reveals that his prediction has come true: Amy’s Baking Company is getting it’s own reality TV Show.

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