DB634 – Leigh warned you about PRISM, Skirts off for train driver men and Sweden named ‘sex disease capital’

It be Monday…

We start of the day with the obvious issue of the PRISM scandal, turns out the NSA was spying on us the whole time, who knew?

We talk about Derek, our browser plugin that helps support the show. Leigh can now afford 2 more light-bulbs!

New idea! Jesus: The awkward teenage years, a new animation.

We have hoody hoody news, in Sweden, a train operator has allowed his train drivers to wear shorts in the face of international pressure.

An increasing number of young swedes are aware of STDs, so more of them are getting tested.

A British man trying to gain Swedish citizenship has had troubles during the process.

DB504 – Urine-Powered Rapey Face

It be Tuesday…

Leigh was shopping at the nazi wearhouse of joy (Tescos) and purchased items such as yoghurt. On the way out of said shop he was yelled at by an older lady.

Leigh is outraged, a rival podcaster has been mentioned in a rap groups song. This is bloody stupid.

STD cupcakes are now on sale, what fun…

Victoria Hunt of Columbus Ohio, who makes loads of money renting out her many houses, lives on $12,000 a year by scrounging food, water and facilities from everything around her.

A Melbourne urine powered restaurant has opened recently.

DB347 – Men are STDs, Underage Listeners, Pirates are banned, Weed Wars and other stories…

It be Monday…

Over the weekend Leigh finds out that there are even MORE under-age listeners than he first thought – and gives them advice. Tashabella is questioned. Leigh upset about Bear Grylls and The Scouts Association spamming his inbox [video]. The Tank is dead. The scent of a man could be an STD [article]. Rats display human-like empathy. Student punished for spaghetti beliefs [Open letter | Image]. “Weed Wars” business gets $2.5M tax bill [Video]. Leg-hair Font [Image 1 | image 2 | image 3]. Dyslexics font: “Dyslexie” [article]. Top 5 geeky news. Discussion about new spin-off show Geeky Things launching mid-January [Twitter | Facebook | Google+]

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