DB617 – Star Trek: Into Darkness Review, Meteror in UK, Volcano in Iceland, and BIG news for the show

It be Thursday…

Leigh has good news and bad news. BT infinity is finally available! Ben has been playing games again, is the one he focuses on today.

Leigh brings up the bad news after a bit of a show-about-a-show segment. Star Trek Into Darkness, many gripes are aired and names are thrown around.

After our serious criticism of the afore-mentioned film. We go on to serious news about fireballs, volcanoes and grounded planes. A tonne of volcanic ash has been flown from Iceland to Luton airport in readiness for a “unique experiment” to test an aircraft warning system designed to detect ash clouds.

ED575 – The Church of Dirty Boxers and Professional Homosexuals

It be Friday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL discuss whether Dirty Boxers could be classed as a religious activity – for tax purposes. Cause if Star Trek can be [kind of] a cult, and they have meetings and convensions, why can’t Dirty Boxers? Meanwhile Professional Homosexuals are rude… So, science is discussed – with Joe Peacock and Mummy-boy Joe!

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DB556 – Drugging the Dog, Codeine with Beer, Weed Candy… and Ben hates us!

It be Monday…

Leigh has had a ‘unique’ weekend… Where people decided it was a GOOD idea to drug him. But first, he decides to explain how the new membership system will work for paypal monthly subscribers – as the transition has started.

In other news, Leigh was drugged, but before we can discuss this important [and SOME might say, concerning] subject – Technoexpert and LoneSQRL call in for a chat. Why JJ abrams is directing Star Wars film – and Leigh has thoughts. Meanwhile, Leigh was drugged with adaptil which is SUPPOSEDLY to keep Dogs happy. “Adaptil is a product that has been developed to help support dogs through a range of challenging situations that they may face during their life” – more like give Leigh a manic tripping fit! So instead of being sensible, [and so he didn’t feel the wrath of Neagle] Leigh decided to go out, where more madness happened!

In other news, “Weed Candy” dubbed newest street drug. At least 18 states have legalized it, but there’s always someone out there willing to take advantage. The newest street treat is actually an old fashioned recipe – candy made out of pot.

DB166 – Nothing to see here!

It be Tuesday… Monday was bad!

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Feedback
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  • Conspiracy Theory of the Week: Oil
  • Weird News
  • Being Human
  • Ran over by a train [video]
  • Tony’s first day at School
  • Issues at Staples
  • Agony Aunt Leigh
  • Geeky News
  • Celebrity Trash

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