DB607 – Speedos are NOT the International uniform for Pedos [allegedly], Doctor Who 50th anniversary PR is RUINING Leigh’s life, and Transgender Woman Exposing Breasts

It be Tuesday…

Ben is away at his book club, so Brian joins Leigh to chat about rubbish things. Meanwhile, Leigh has his knickers in a twist… He has MANY little things that have concerned him.

Ironman 3 is now a lie. Absolutely Fabulous… the movie? Joanna Lumley confirms partner in comedy Jennifer Saunders IS penning a screenplay. Doctor Who 50th anniversary PR is RUINING Leigh’s enjoyment [SPOILERS: Image 1 | Image 2]. John’s Model railway is going well, but with issues [Image 1 | Image 2]. Transgender Woman Arrested For Exposing Breasts Jailed With Men.

DB403 – Sherlock is NOT dead, Vikings, The smell of Vagina, BT Vision vs BT Infinity, Wild Smurf returns early… [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

BIG thank you to Mr Oil for recording todays show. James [@wild_smurf001] has returned home early – to play with his new BT Vision telly box. The birth of the ‘La Forge Principal’. The Dirty Boxers Quiz. The silly names for drinks. Mr Oil [@mroil] needs help from Leigh & James to design his new office. MCS Matt [@matt0083] calls in too for a chat. Captain Riker from Star Trek: TNG ‘All Good Things’ desk. Mr Oil is upset with the fact he thought Sherlock was dead… But it turns out he isn’t. Feedback! Angry Young Man ‘fires’ Leigh from the Live Tech Keynotes – so in response, Leigh wants to start a NEW show.

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