ED575 – The Church of Dirty Boxers and Professional Homosexuals

It be Friday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL discuss whether Dirty Boxers could be classed as a religious activity – for tax purposes. Cause if Star Trek can be [kind of] a cult, and they have meetings and convensions, why can’t Dirty Boxers? Meanwhile Professional Homosexuals are rude… So, science is discussed – with Joe Peacock and Mummy-boy Joe!

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DB500 – Penis Snake

It be Monday…

After a LONG weekend of Dominic Neagle ‘Pub Golfing’ for his birthday, collecting random boats for Leigh’s Dad and going out for ‘coffee’ – Leigh is a rather tired boy.

A Florida woman is being accused of switching the labels on toys so she could buy them cheap, then resell them for a profit on eBay. Star Trek fans tie the knot at “Klingon wedding”. Banana Boat recalls sunscreen due to fire risk. ‘Honey Sex’: Israeli Health Ministry Warns Against Dangerous, Sweet Erotic Stimulant. Penis Snake Discovered In Brazil [image 1 | image 2]. What happens to women who encounter the Penis Snake: image.