DB546 – The Youth of Today, Are Schools Dumbing Down, and the elephant in the room…

It be Monday…

Today’s show is lovingly sponsored by: Marty from the WI, Tony the Batty-Boy Tony, and LoneSQRL.

Rev. Leigh is joined by Daniel Bell today due to a school ‘snow day’. Be careful of the KILLER SNOW! We get confused about Dan’s GCSE Drama course. Leigh realises a BTEC in IT is foolish, cause it seems to be a “We love Mircosoft” course. “That’s what she said!”. Meanwhile, Leigh has had a horrid weekend due to a Hard Drive dying. However, for someone who is doing a BTEC in IT – he doesn’t know about Hard Drives and partitions. There is concern over the Mission Statement of Dirty Boxers.

Swedish students irked by housing comments. British schools told to scrap ‘i before e’.

DB379 – When Snow Angels go wrong, Snow Days, Dwarfs vs Peadophiles, Doctor Who and Bacon

It be Monday…

People are pronouncing Leigh’s name wrong. Playing in the Snow in the UK… Snow Angels go bad! Just in case you hadn’t heard, the UK has had some snow. Neagle of the Dominic variety and Sputnik Ant with our Doctor Who boxset catch up. Little people and asians could help out with the peadophile ‘issue’. AMAZING Dear Deidre – A psychic told me husband will keep cheating. Laz [Google Profile] tries to call in from work! Movie review of ‘In Time’. Laz is looking for a Automotive Garage he can trust. Then Mr Oil [@mroil] calls you in for a natter. An update concerning the Tweet-fest! New Scamazon items for Dirty Boxers: One for ‘Coffee Fund’, one for Leigh. Women think Men who are too nice are cheating.

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