Surviving the UK’s Killer Floods | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 728

It be Friday…

Leigh is joined by Callum and Brian as he tries to survive the great #KillerFloods currently sweeping the United Kingdom. As Leigh comes to terms with this, he decides that if this is the last DB Show, he should at least demonstrate how other radio shows should be done…

CVS Caremark Corp said on Wednesday that it would stop selling tobacco products at its 7,600 stores by October, becoming the first U.S. drugstore chain to take cigarettes off the shelf.

In Argentina, McDonald’s is running short of ketchup. And pretty much everyone has noticed.

A 13-YEAR-OLD boy admitted raping his eight-year-old sister after watching pornography on a friend’s Xbox. The case has reignited the debate over children’s access to porn, with a rape charity calling for tighter restrictions.

Authorities say a Rochester man bit off part of his brother’s ear after they began fighting during a Super Bowl party.

An accused would-be carjacker is in jail after the victim locked him in her garage before he could steal the car. Andre Bacon, 21, allegedly entered the garage of the victim’s Chicago home on Saturday afternoon and demanded that the victim hand over the keys to her 2012 Acura MDX.

Meanwhile in Florida, Kenneth Haskins Set Apartment Fire Because Manager Told Him To Stop Masturbating.

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DB540 – Mince Pies, Permanent Penii, and Invasion of the Stocking Stuffers

It be Friday…

Leigh was at scouts yesterday, and also on the Radio Dan Show [archived here], what a busy boy. Jay has sent us some interesting promos and branding!
Leighs parents finally went on holiday, with much fanfare.

Leighs scout night was a plain clothes, but he went in uniform. He then went and had a pint with his friends, leaving the rest of the scouts behind, then he left his friends and visited the scouts… and so on.

We then continue with the caption competition, with a winner by the name of John!

We continue with proper news of a floridio variety, but not actually florida news. A female college student has been struck in the face with a sock full of feces on public transport. Madonna has been the victim of second hand smoke, when a fan of hers lit up during one her shows. She proceeded to yell at the fan and threaten to not continue with the show.

A man has had a permanent marker tattoo drawn on him while he was passed out.

DB528 – Pimping Plasma, Pizza Perfume, and Woo Hoo I Killed a Dog

It be Wednesday…

Put simply, Leigh is banning Festmas. Meanwhile, the French are heading towards extinction. Smoking may worsen a hangover, a stupid US study finds.

We talk about a silly study involving university students drinking in the USA, small sample sizes are involve.

Pizza hut is coming out with a perfume.

We have Florida news: A skinny florida woman has gained 400kg of weight.

A dog has died in Memphis. Apparently, there is new hand signal for “woohoo, I killed a dog”.

DB336 – Occupy Miami Update, Twice Daily, and who is the impostor? [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

A day of madness and tech issues – but we’re having fun! Spot the difference: Skype, skype, and bloody skype! Found a way to run 2 versions of Skype at the same time… Twice in one day… Botch vs Butch. Thanks to Stephen Heywood’s “Broadcast Now” for the ‘sneaky’ multiple Skype idea. Mr Oil calls, while fighting with an EVIL UPS guy. An impostor calls in to ‘Out Loud’ pretending to be Leigh?! Plus Joshua calls in to gives us an insight in to Occupy Miami.

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DB335 – Smoking Ban in Cars, Christmas is Boring, and Zombie Apocalypse Training…

It be Wednesday…

Twitter experiment… Smoking vs McDonalds. Interesting ideas about “Leigh’s Discount Mafia” from CitizenX, plus an issue with Mevio. No Agenda Show and Christmas… John Cleese and his ‘Funny Walks’. Dirty Boxers and Christmas plan. Why Leigh wants to produce REAL content instead of ‘Best of…’ stuff for Christmas. Christmas dinners. Leigh goes venturing around All Digital Radio Network, and listen to MyndJack Radio and Reality Check. Duck, Duck, Doris! Mr Oil will be on an active Volcano at the weekend. BREAKING NEWS! Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp Training. The British Medical Association wants to ban smoking in cars: “In countries including Australia, Canada, and parts of the U.S., smoking in cars is banned when children are present […]”.

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DB291 – Where did Justin Bieber’s Penis go?

It be Tuesday… Issues? What issues?

On today’s show:

  • The madness of technology
  • Justin Bieber’s Penis
  • Celebrity Trash: Madonna to critics: “review my movie, not me”
  • Feedback
  • Cameron would have made good KGB agent
  • SCIENCE IS IN: Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity
  • PLUS your Top 5 Geeky news for today

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DB264 – Playing with new toys

It be Wednesday…

On today’s rather manic show, Leigh plays around with a new piece of software [while trying to keep the show under control!]. Covered in today’s show: New ideas and concepts for Dirty Boxers, Livestream vs. Ustream, Pink Coloured Kitty, A dog with 4 ears, A hotel for pouches, An owl leaves a mark, and Laz provides Man-Candy… PLUS of course geeky news. [Also a hint that Leigh is giving up the cancer sticks?!]

DBTV 107 – It is FRIDAY baby!

The video version of today’s show:

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DB107 – It is FRIDAY baby!

Yet another day with issues on the technology front – but who cares – IT’S FRIDAY!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Couldn’t get Internet Explorer or Firefox to login to Ustream
  • Medication run at Sainsburys
  • Being ID-ed for Tobacco?!
  • Sing-o-long Friday
  • Beating a burglar
  • What NOT to send somebody, when trying to ‘chat them up’
  • Lost language found in a letter
  • Bill and Ted 3
  • Weird News
  • Geeky News
  • One last thing… Power of the Pixel – New Project!
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