DB566 – Roku are horrid, Interesting Pod Platforms and Smearing Kittens on Faces…

It be Monday…

How else can we start another week of shows – without having some exciting tech issues! [YAY!] So we spend much, much, MUCH time trying to ignore the obvious flaw in today’s show. Meanwhile, Brian and LoneSQRL call in to help Leigh totally ignore the obvious flaw in the show. Finally we get hold on MrOil who also helps us to ignore the obvious.

Over the weekend, Mike Phillips had tweeted about John Lee Dumas, the Founder and Host of EntrepreneurOnFire,who has decided to start a new project called PodPlatform. Can KITTY LITTER shrink your pores? Beauty expert shows how a $2 bag of clay pellets can leave skin ‘extremely soft’. During the weekend Leigh has decided to try and ‘cut the cord’ – but is amazed how Roku, PS3, Boxee [etc] are being sold in the UK without any apps for the UK market [cue rant]. Mid-South ‘Ghost Hunter’ Charged with Domestic Assault.

Leigh’s suggestion of the day: ‘GhostWatch’ – a TV programme that caused so much controversy when it was originally broadcast that it was banned from British TV. Think the radio version of ‘War of the Worlds’ for TV. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

DB374 – John C Dvorak stealing ‘Boys’, BT Infinity Watch, How to build a house in 24hrs, UK Snow, and PARTY!

It be Monday…

Party planning in the chatroom. How to build a house in 24hrs [Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4]. Saturday ‘Boxset’ Night with Neagle and Sputnik: currently watching Doctor Who. John C Dvorak stealing ‘Boyzzz’ from Dirty Boxers on No Agenda Show?! Behind the scenes to ‘No Agenda Producers Update’ [NAPU]. Update on BT Infinity Watch and issues with uploading shows. Broadband Caps are horrid! You Tube is a lazy man’s Google. Unhappy with her brown eyes, Beatriz Murillo is now legally blind after she got silicone iris implants to compliment her skin [Image].

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DB175 – Free-for-all in to Randomness

It be Tuesday… I’m high as a kite on something?!
(If you know what it is,please get back to me, as I need some more!)

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Tony off to London
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Lovely day
  • Sky TV moved everything 🙁
  • Epic Weird News Show!
  • Red Nose Day Fundraising Pack arrived
  • 48hrs of Dirty Boxers?
  • Pot anyone?
  • The iPope
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Geeky News

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