DB516 – Sick Sinus’ and Urine Powered Onesies

It be Friday…

Leigh has been sick 🙁 a sinus problem has been afflicting him. Ben and Matt call in and Matt reveals he has a new job.
We then talk about the skype system and Leighs photoshopped picture with a baby

Leigh plans to host a party with a strict dress code of a onesie, suggestions include this and this or even this

A local talk show host has posted a picture on facebook of a young girl in a compromising position with an adult male.

Lord McAlpine (in a follow up from a previous show), is now suing ITV as well as the BBC.

Urine powered generator unveiled at the international exhibition Maker Fair in Nigeria.

DB455 – Its all about the nuts

It be Wednesday…

Ben @splinter701 is sick today, but bravely soldiers on with the show. Is there a correlation between hair in elderly biddies ears and their level of deafness.
Leigh relates an experience with ice coffee, he is not in favour of it.
The mission statement of the show is recapped, we work out some niggles in it. Chris Moyles is leaving the BBC radio 1 breakfast show, Leigh is pleased. Ben has been doing some promotion for the show, it is very good.
The issues of nuts and coffee is brought up again, with much hilarity. Ben’s farm is awesome, despite detractors.
A woman who is the current heaviest woman in the world (330 Kg, is trying to lose weight using marathon sex sessions.
John @jm1117 calls in to complain about and suggest things, its very good. Cynmac calls in to ask about technical stuff on the show and talk about whats going on with All Digital Radio.

DB211 – I’ve been sick… twice :(

It be Wednesday…

No man candy today – but instead Leigh chats about a lot of silly weird news to make everyone feel a tad better… Even though it is a SLOW news day!