DB645 – Diet pills creates child porn, Man robbed after sexual encounter, and How to run a KickStarter

It be Monday…

The taxman is coming around to haunt Leigh. Also, his brother has got a new engine for his car, an upgrade if you will.
A new kickstarter project that Leigh is interested in, its about space and really cool stuff. Link here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1458134548/arkyd-a-space-telescope-for-everyone-0

Richard vobes (of vobes.com) is doing cool things which Leigh tells.

Leigh has also been on ebay recently, since he wants a camper van. There are many and varied things there.

A woman has be jailed for child porn, she blames diet pills. A man who rendezvoused with a couple for sex at a San Dimas motel after meeting them on Craigslist ended up robbed at knifepoint near Covina, officials said.

DB595 – Escort charged for penis-biting, The Fudge Factor and Teen Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

It be Friday…

We begin with a discussion on science and uncertainty. Leigh comes up with the x factor for gays, the fudge factor.

We then discuss Ben’s personal life in great, excruciating detail.

There was a slight hiccup with the soundboard. Fun times and breakdowns were had.

The (alleged) beaver scouts are having a beaver fun day. Leigh claims his life is crap.

Florida news, an escort was charged with attempted murder for penis biting.

Axe body spray puts a teenager in hospital, nasty stuff.