DB619 – Cambridge University Jelly Wrestling Competition Canceled, Thieves Stole $45 Million From US ATMs, and YouTube launches pay-to-watch

It be Monday…

Ben dressed up on the weekend for Mothers Day, Leigh criticizes his outfit. Leigh had an outing on Saturday with his mates. They had a great time, yelling about politics and marvel comics.

The great twitter deluge of this weekend, we talk about it and tell off the people involved.

Annual jelly wrestling competition at Cambridge University cancelled because a petition called it sexist.

Thieves steal nearly $45 Million from ATMS by eliminating the withdrawal limit on the cards, they were very clever until they got caught.

Not to be out done by TRENDSETTING DB Show, YouTube launches pay-to-watch subscription channels – which is based upon out TV Licence. I have also recently found out that you can buy youtube views. This could really help grow your channel.

DB376 – Super Bowl Chimps, Sandwiched in Homosexuality, The SCALE of Epic, Sesame Street moment…

It be Wednesday…

Was on Sir Darryl’s show last night – last 20 mins. Best radio EVER! [Link to on-demand version] Should Leigh be concerned that he is in a homosexual sandwich – This Week in Gay and Da Doo Dirty Show. BREAKING NEWS from Mr Oil. Two important points: No show on 8th Feb. Apologies to podcast listeners. Tuesday stories about the pub trip with Dominic of the Neagle variety. Anttthony Sputnik couldn’t be bothered to turn up. Sesame Street Moment: Today’s letter ‘T’. Mr Oil calls in to show to suggest that HE should ‘stand in’ for Leigh. Seems like Staples management likes my content! Is Radio Dan Gay? The No Agenda ‘Factor’. Invented a new word last night: Epiletically. The Scale of Epicness: Epic, Epically, Epilectically! Leigh decides to call in to Sir Darryl’s show [who was pre-recording HIS show at the same time]. A Young Mum swearing about her daughter. Super Bowl Sunday advert featuring Chimps! [image] PG Tips had an old advert similar [video]. Woman Dumps Boyfriend With Cancer But Still Wants His Super Bowl Tickets. Dominic Neagle having a mid-twenties crisis…

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