DB567 – Lad nights, the invention of ‘Del’, and biting a big toe down to the bone

It be Tuesday…

After frantically organising an emergency back-up live system for the show – Voidzero fixes the servers minutes before the show goes live! We catch up with Ben. Meanwhile, Brian calls to help and support Leigh to discuss the new ‘power couples’ including ‘Del’. [This goes on for a bit, as SOME people can’t help but interrupt Leigh’s story…]

In the second hour, David calls in for a goat update. Leigh FINALLY finishes off his story. Plus: Santa Fe police are investigating what they say is a bizarre case, after a man is accused of biting the tip of his ex-girlfriend’s big toe down to the bone. Montana TV Station’s Emergency Alert System Hacked, Warns of Zombie Apocalypse.

TXTbone sends in some lovely feedback – and suggests this video: I’m single and I LOVE it! by CRABSTICKZ [he obviously has no tatse].

DB486 – Return of the Pesky Russian, Derek Lives and P is for Pizza

It be Friday…

Ben calls in to discuss things, stuff and things we like. MrOil calls in to talk about other tosh. We discuss monies, servers, streams and shillage.

LoneSQRL calls in to provide witty comebacks.

The summary of the conversation with MrOil is that we might be able to get money from advertisements, but still be completely honest.

Young men gathering together though “My Little Pony: Friendship is magic”, we expose this dangerous new trend.

We then read some feedback from cynmac, who wants a specific t-shirt.

We have hoody-hoody swedish news, lots of people have been injured over pizza and piss.
The Swedish chef from the muppets apparently speaks Norwegian, but sounds Swedish, very confusing.