DB351 – Sperm, Semen, Love-Spuds, and David Parry’s GIANT Curly Wurly [@ourgiantsnacks]

It be Friday…

As making extra large foods are considered ‘news’ on ITV Anglia News [insert joke about how big his curly wurly is here | video | Twitter], Leigh decides to try and bring you, the dear listener, some ‘proper’ news… and perhaps fails?! Paypal launching new Groupon / Livingsocial / Amazonlocal / Google Offers competitor?! DC Resident Fined Thousands of dollars For Not Recycling Cat Litter?! Trent can’t give his sperm away. Ex-Alabama politician caught in New Zealand sperm-donor scandal. Mr Oil calls in from St. Petersburg. Confusion over international phone numbers. Top 5 geeky news.

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DB281 – Evil Smoking

It be Wednesday…

Catch up with news I didn’t have the time for before including Rugby people… Started smoking again, eating stupid amounts of food, Weddings and Dr Who, Stag do with James coming up, busy bank holiday coming up, German theme park boasts nuclear power station as a main attraction [image 1 | image 2], Bull semen worth £48,000 spills onto road, Bouncy castle church brings inflatable sermons to remote congregation [the UK inflatable church is better: image 1 | image 2 | image 3], Artist Alexa Meade turns subjects into ‘breathing canvases’ [image 1 | image2 | image 3], Chinese police enlist monkey statues in fluorescent jackets to stop speeding, Rugby sponsor says sorry for ‘sex ban’ campaign, South Park “We’re Sorry”Car nearly shot off 50ft roof – PLUS some geeky news!