DB595 – Escort charged for penis-biting, The Fudge Factor and Teen Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

It be Friday…

We begin with a discussion on science and uncertainty. Leigh comes up with the x factor for gays, the fudge factor.

We then discuss Ben’s personal life in great, excruciating detail.

There was a slight hiccup with the soundboard. Fun times and breakdowns were had.

The (alleged) beaver scouts are having a beaver fun day. Leigh claims his life is crap.

Florida news, an escort was charged with attempted murder for penis biting.

Axe body spray puts a teenager in hospital, nasty stuff.

DB538 – Death by Pork Chop, Leaves From the Family Tree, and Fisting in Memphis

It be Wednesday…

We start off with horrid connection issues and funny stuff… As Skype connections fail us, with flip to Mumble and realise Ben sounds like a Dalek!

Ikea slashes price of festive firs to just £1. It has been an exciting week for the Queen of England. There now a part of Antarctica that is named after her. She also has visited 10 Downing St for a cabinet meeting.

Today’s caption competition of a Nudist Christmas Card [image] was won by TXTBone with:

“How we gonna get the super glue off these bloody leaves dear?”
“The breeze is making mine flap in the wind, mommy”

In Florida news, a Roommate Killed Over Pork Chop. Meanwhile in Memphis, Adults Get Involved After Student Fights.