DB649 – Fundamentals of Radio, Scouting is annoying [and a lie], and Woman Distracts Man With Nude Swim

It be Thursday…

Leigh is having major issues with a moron at Scouts [which is a lie]. Everyone seems to be a tad upset with silly things – Leigh tries to help them out.

We have Bear Grylls news, he survives things with a camera crew. He and his team are visiting New Zealand.

The subject of Charlie and the chocolate factory was brought up.

A naked female swimmer distracted a victim of a robbery…

DB614 – Scouting for Camp, Adventures and Coffee

It be BANK HOLIDAY Monday…

Leigh has returned from scout camp, and with everyone else in the UK having a day off, he is here back again. Mr Oil calls in with ‘support’. It is decided a ‘nice and relaxing’ show is in order.

In the second hour, Danny Boy calls in with Brian for a nice chinwag.

Meanwhile, great discussion is had to debate what the EVIL Daily Mail considers ‘The 50 Adventures every child should have before they reach 11 3/4’. Many of these adventures are discussed by our expert panel.

DB606 – Earth Day is stupid, Jobs are a lie, and Leigh is feeling VERY rough…

It be Monday…

We start off by with earth day and how stupid it is. Ben gets berated and told off for being 10 mins late.

Ben tells us about his alleged job, which has many imaginary things.

Leigh tells us about his weekend, which involved many shenanigans and weirdness. Many frustrating things happen, including a car ride that involves leaving civilization (however that is possible in the UK).

Leigh tells an embarrassing story involving vodka, red bull, smoke and lack of keys.

DB601 – Ding dong! The Witch is Dead…

It be Monday…

We are back from a 2 week hiatus, with a not-quite finished studio. Therefore we are working with the old studio temporarily.
We bring back some games, the scout magazine and magazine battleships.

Leigh has recieved various packages in his frond door and back-end.

http://www.isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk/ has been update over the break. How rude.

We start up the last half hour with donations and the game of the scouting magazine.

DB569 – The GREAT Pancake Mix SAGA, C+ for effort, and professional homosexuals in Nottingham

It be Thursday…

Leigh is not having a good week. A simple task of buying ready-made pancake mix for scouts this evening is turning in to a living nightmare! To illistrate this, he calls his local stores to see if they have any pancake mix. Later, Wld Smurf James and Mummy’s Boy Joe call in from Nottingham and discuss being hungover. Mr Humphries and Brian call in to join the ‘fun’.

In the second hour, LoneSQRL has sent Leigh a book to read – Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, and it’s all decided that we should start a book club [better than Oprah of course]. Goat-lover David calls in to discuss update with Billy-Boy – his nuts are going on Saturday!┬áDeer joins Suffolk sheep in Dunwich and Orford Ness. University student receives C+ grade, sues for $1.3 million.

DB540 – Mince Pies, Permanent Penii, and Invasion of the Stocking Stuffers

It be Friday…

Leigh was at scouts yesterday, and also on the Radio Dan Show [archived here], what a busy boy. Jay has sent us some interesting promos and branding!
Leighs parents finally went on holiday, with much fanfare.

Leighs scout night was a plain clothes, but he went in uniform. He then went and had a pint with his friends, leaving the rest of the scouts behind, then he left his friends and visited the scouts… and so on.

We then continue with the caption competition, with a winner by the name of John!

We continue with proper news of a floridio variety, but not actually florida news. A female college student has been struck in the face with a sock full of feces on public transport. Madonna has been the victim of second hand smoke, when a fan of hers lit up during one her shows. She proceeded to yell at the fan and threaten to not continue with the show.

A man has had a permanent marker tattoo drawn on him while he was passed out.

DB534 – Laser Scouts, Hobbit in Super HD, and Helping Small Businesses

It be Thursday…

We are technologically advanced today! The hobbit is being shot in Super HD.

We then talk about scouty wouts and a big issue that needs resolving. Since Leigh can not get a good answer from the family of Dirty Boxers, he CALLS IN to scout headquarters to get a serious answer and he does.

Leigh has had an amazing idea, we will accept advertising on the show after the 1st of January. We will charge $1 on the first day of the year, $2 on the second day and so on. The advertiser for the day will get exclusive advertising for that day.

DB522 – Secret Twitter accounts, Discount Store Assault, and Wal-Mart Shoplifter Deaths

It be Tuesday…

Leigh talks about an epic realisation about his friend ‘George’ has a secret naughty Twitter account: Two examples of the ‘safer’ photos on the account [image 1 | image 2]. Surreal scouting update. Matt talks about his first day of work yesterday.

A clown has died in a macys day parade.

Police in Tennessee have arrested the manager of a discount store for assault after a customer tried to use an extreme amount of coupons.

Alleged Wal-Mart shoplifter after confrontation with store employees.

A man from Ireland is offering Pope John-Paul II’s popemobile up for rent to party-goers.

DB521 – Apology Acceptor, Oxford’s Lactose Sensation, and Culling the Santas

It be Monday…

Leigh talks about his weekend, with a follow up to the Jolene incident, a surprise apology and scouty wouts.
Ben then explains the troubles with friends 1 & 2.
The new planking!… is called milking, it involves pouring 4 pints of milk over ones head. [image 1 | image 2 | image 3]
Scientists at Cambridge are researching the dangerous effects of technology, while Oxford students are partaking in milking…
Store axes santa, saying there are too many santas.
A child has been left in the car while his parents went to get a TV

DB481 – Scouting for Beavers…

It be Thursday…

Leigh has had a lot of emails concerning the future of the Dirty Boxers show, and the new Paypal donation buttons. He is also shocked about returning to Scouting, and the state the group is in at the moment. Tashabella calls in from work to have a great catch up. Leigh had an idea to help the show for the long-term: Scamazon browser extentions / plugins. Meanwhile, certain people think Tashabella looks like Foxy Love from Drawn Together – THE RUDENESS! [image 1] Scout leader attacked by beaver. Workers use high-heel shoe to fight robber. Strip club smoke source was fog machine. Lap dances tax-free art?