DB653 – Leigh goes on strike, 3hrs of private time and Naked Man Hates The Colour Red

It be Monday…

And Ben can’t be bothered, so Leigh & Tory try and cope without him. However, Leigh is concerned that Tashabella and MCS Matt are flapping back to Sir Darryl’s show. Because of this rudeness, Leigh is going on strike. Brian is told off for being a stalker.

It’s been a hectic weekend with Leigh and his depression setting in. Had to arrange an emergency doctors appointment, as well as get a check-up with friends. He has also been shopping for motorhomes. Also, where has Erik Lanigan gone?

Leigh is taking FULL responsibility for a naughty, bad thing, that happened on Saturday with some of the fellow scout leaders.

Sean C. Flaherty Busted Car Tail Lights While Naked. William “Billy” Cantrell Stole Human Ashes Thinking They Were Cocaine. Meanwhile, David Pakman Show [friend of the show] stealing content from us: Video.

DB622 – eBay ‘customer service’ is RUBBISH, Scout Leader Interviews, and a complaint about Dirty Boxers Show…

It be Thursday…

We deal with serious complaints with class and understanding concerning Dirty Boxers Show via Twitter.
We have a Saturday show this weekend! Turn up for fun times.

Ben asks a question and doesn’t get an answer but we talk about many geeky things to do with technology.

We talk about DjOil and his amazing show on the weekend.

Then an amazing imitation of a call leigh had earlier during the day. eBay turn out to be PANTS!

Then the subject of the alleged scout interview is brought up with hilareous results.

DB592 – Back problems are horrid, “I don’t have a penis”, Madonna dresses as Boy Scout, NAG Radio update, and Ben is a lie

It be Tuesday…

Ben is off to his book club, and so Leigh is wondering why he even came back for the day. Meanwhile, Leigh is having major back issues – of which he is very excited to rant at you about. From yesterdays rant with GitmoSlave in the chatroom [in the post show], we discuss updates! You can now listen to Dirty Boxers on NAG Radio at 11pm est Monday – Friday. Leigh is now wanting to spread the love and extend the show to MORE stations! Celebrity Trash: Will & Kate can NEVER finish a game of scrabble.

In the 2nd hour: “I’ve bedded over 100 women… but I don’t have a penis” [More info here]. Madonna dresses as Boy Scout, rips organization’s gay ban [Image 1].

DB481 – Scouting for Beavers…

It be Thursday…

Leigh has had a lot of emails concerning the future of the Dirty Boxers show, and the new Paypal donation buttons. He is also shocked about returning to Scouting, and the state the group is in at the moment. Tashabella calls in from work to have a great catch up. Leigh had an idea to help the show for the long-term: Scamazon browser extentions / plugins. Meanwhile, certain people think Tashabella looks like Foxy Love from Drawn Together – THE RUDENESS! [image 1] Scout leader attacked by beaver. Workers use high-heel shoe to fight robber. Strip club smoke source was fog machine. Lap dances tax-free art?