DB658 – The Phantom Black Bagger, and other stories…

It be Monday…

Leigh is back from his strike/camp, with many stories to tell. Ben has sad and happy stories to tell of his week. Leigh got tipped out of a kayak, and did the splits for a while but managed to keep his $3 crocs from being lost forever. Leigh did tweet a lot while on strike, but had some troubles with his phone. Around this point he met an Australian person, who loves Queensland allegedly.

We then hear the story of the phantom toilet blocker of the scout camp, if only it was a composting toilet and it wouldn’t have happened this way.

In other news, Leigh visited a shop on the scout camp. He saw many things related to Bear Grylls in this shop…



And THEN he found “Summer holidays: 10 great things for children to do chosen by Chief Scout Bear Grylls”

DB268 – Tech Issues…

It be Thursday…

For the last time before his 2-week ‘holiday’, we are joined by Uncle Pete. Leigh talks about general life stuff, Uncle Pete about bread – and how he has enjoyed using his fabulous book called Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread (with free DVD) by Richard Bertinet, to help him! Then Leigh decides that (because of Pete) he will take a week’s break from the show over the next week while at the Scout camp. We also talk about Honorary Santa, Unhappy snaps, and SHORTCUTS FROM HELL! PLUS of course some lovely geeky news!

DB120 – Who wants a Cherry… Picker?

Bit later than usual… But still here!

Stuff covered in this show:

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