Dirty Boxers 065 – Goodbye Cambridge, forever and a day [repost]

Friday’s show, posted on a Sunday?! How strange!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Leaving Cambridge, and moving back to the Parents in Haverhill town
  • Sniffer playing with a dictionary
  • End of an Era?!
  • Saviour of Hosting for the Saviour of Podcasting: Astrahosting.co.uk
  • Failed again in life
  • I’m like a crap old Phoenix coming back and failing, again and again – bit bored of it to be honest…
  • Sniffer’s Haircut
  • What is the point?
  • Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares in it here: http://dirtyboxers.net/book
  • Say hello to Soon-to-be-Housemate (supposedly) Clare
  • Audience participation!
  • Update on Sniffer’s Podcast

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Presenter Leigh Brown & Sniffer
Producer Will Stephenson
Executive Producer Sir Mike Collins Esq. CBE