The evils of Poison Ivy, Shrine of Awesome and is @MandoTory OK? | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 778

It be Friday…

Leigh starts off by himself, while Ben is hopefully being romantic with Mrs Splinter. So takes the opportunity to apologies for Wednesday being a quiet show. He has concerns about the health and safety of setting up a Shrine of Awesome to celebrate the people who support the show. He is also very worried about Tory, after there has been much rumour of him being inflicted by Poison Ivy.

Meanwhile, Leigh has been working VERY hard on a secret project that is being launched 3rd November – but you can pre-order a deluxe version of secret project here. Be warned: the deluxe version WILL NOT be available after 2nd November. HUGE thank you to everyone on our shrine! We also have some feedback from Lynda and Nick 😀

We finally make contact with Tory and get an update with what’s going with him. Leigh has come up with an interesting new way for the Dirty Boxers show to make a cool new advert thingy on our site – instead of using adsense. It has started with – supporting cool independent people creating great stuff! Robin Hood click 2.0!

On Extra Dirty:

  • Disagreements with Stanley Knife
  • Ben’s Football Team update
  • Australian Football rant

Get Extra Dirty here:

DB221 – Doctor Who Broken Porno

It be Tuesday…

Instead of having a nice relaxing time ‘off’ on Monday, it was mad with mad things. Also on today’s show Doctor Who concerns about BBC America being a co-production partner, Mum breaking her foot, AV discussion, Chinese Man living in a Pipe, PLUS Dominic, Martin & I having a ‘romantic’ meal on Saturday.


Helpful Chat-up Lines for Geeks

Are you a geek / nerd? Want to chat someone up? Why not use a Star Trek or Harry Potter themed chat-up line to woo your love interest? Dirty Boxers PROUDLY presents helpful one-liners for the hopeless Geek / Nerd romantics out there.