DB471 – The Cases of the Missing: Prostitutes, Fingers, and Granny’s Bush

It be Tuesday… Callum Sutton joins Leigh as Ben CANNOT BE BOTHERED to do his JOB! [The cheeky bugger!]. Leigh, meanwhile, has been doing MANLY WORK. Man orders prostitute, daughter arrives. Man cuts sleeping roommate’s fingers off.  Knife-wielding man gunned down by cops in Times Square. Woman attacked while driving. Florida litterbug leaves calling card. And FINALLY Ben decideds […]

DB470 – Paddington the Drunken Olympic Closing Ceremony Bear

It be Monday… Record breaking is one of the main topics again, with much boasting going on. Also the badger song is featured. We are going to talk about the closing ceremony of the olympics, with much ado and padding. In Norway, a bear with cubs has allegedly drunk over 100 cans of beer from […]

DB469 – Breaking Records and Feeding Gators

It be Friday… We have a lot of catching up to do, as the past 4 days have had no official Dirty Boxers broadcasts. We talk about Leigh’s record breaking 70 hour broadcast, and the other people involved. We have Florida news! A boater was arrested for feeding an alligator some of his hand. A […]

DB132 – Halloween Weekend

It be Monday… Stuff covered in this show: Sponsor: 10% of domain names over at www.hover.com/dirtyboxers Sponsor: Amazingly affordable hosting: www.astrahosting.co.uk Halloween Stories Attempted delivery Coffee from Texas-Land Once a month next year – breaking world records! 130 hours non-stop broadcast for Comic Relief Weird News Geeky News Hampton’s Website: http://hamptoncatlin.com/ Music played in this […]