DB412 – Nudist hospital radio

It be Wednesday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

mcs burps on his call, recordings are breaking and failing, but the show must go on. Nudists are fighting with clothed people on beaches. Hospital radio is played for fair use. MrOil and James call in and talk about rubbish. A numpty from up north who is on the BBC falls under leighs wrath.

DB127 – Take three!

It be Monday…

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • I was ill 🙁
  • A few changes a brewing…
  • Radio is dying
  • Radio and their bloody play lists
  • Community radio stations can use the show for free with ads or have the show Ad-free for £5 per show
  • Merlin to return for Season 4
  • Weird News
  • Christmas stuff for Dirty Boxers
  • Geeky News
  • Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio
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Dirty Boxers launches the ‘Stop the Playlist’ Campaign

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching about how to bring a version of the Dirty Boxers show to a radio near you… And my goodness it is bloody hard! So, after talking to a few of my fellow podcasting buddies who are also hoping to move across to broadcasting their shows, I have decided to launch the ‘Stop the Playlist’ campaign.

Here is the Press Release:

The ‘Saviour of Podcasting’, Leigh Brown (27) from Cambridge, has launched a new campaign today towards Independent, Community, Hospital and Student radio stations who decided to play ‘cheap’ playlists of tracks, or worse allowing ‘dead air’, when they have no programming available to their listeners.

“We all know that the local radio station is the heart-beat to their local community. Their listeners tune in to be enriched by the information and content that you have to deliver, however many small stations unfortunately come across the same issue… Getting enough content to cover their broadcasting schedule.” Leigh said on Monday.

The ‘Stop the Playlist’ Campaign is a movement to highlight the issue that is eroding the quality of the smaller radio stations across the UK and Ireland, and hopefully finally allowing radio stations and podcasters to have the conversation about the future of their mediums and the future of possible partnerships.

“It is frustrating” Leigh continued, “Especially when the larger networks of stations are continually playing Take That or Michael Bublé; the smaller stations try to match their ‘competitors’ with the same style and content but never are able to match them. I think these smaller stations are missing out on a trick. Instead of trying to beat them at their own game, they should bring a difference and a choice to the listener. What the listener wants at the end of the day is choice, which is unavailable at the moment in the current climate.”

Leigh, who runs a daily podcast that discusses geeky news, random news, and the world around us in an entertainingly foolish, tongue-in-cheek manner called Dirty Boxers (available on dirtyboxers.net), suggests that these radio stations are missing a valuable trick: “What these radio stations should do is make it easier for podcasters like myself who have a proven track record and established audience, to broadcast their shows in the ‘dead air’ slots. This will not only give the radio station valuable content for their listeners, but also some much needed exposure and experience for podcasters.”

If you would like to help, or have an opinion about what I’m going on about – why not comment below!

30 shows and counting…

In little over a month’s time, we will be hitting our 100th show of Dirty Boxers. This is an insane concept to us, especially when this show has grown SO quickly to SO many corners of the world, that we feel it’s time to shake it up a bit.

Firstly, we are not going to touch the content as such. Over the past few shows, while we have dealt with servers and hosting transfers (you may have noticed), we have slightly dropped our ‘schedule’ of regular content such as ‘weird news’, ‘Top 5 geeky news’ etc – mainly due to the amount of time needed to produce such content, has been invested in other areas of DB.

But we feel it is time to finally polish the turd properly!

Firstly, an area we will be introducing over the next few weeks is interviews with interesting / important / funny people we have met along the way. At the beginning, we will be using these interviews to gain a better idea of where Dirty Boxers is going, and hopefully learn something too! We are hoping this will become a regular feature in the show post-100 too!

Secondly, as many of you know, James from Luton (not Leeds) has spent a lot of time and effort on our new jingles. We are very proud both them, as well as knowing we have awesome people within the Family of Dirty Boxers willing to help out with our cause. James is now (if he likes it or not), the official voice of our jingles, and we are busy scribbling away to write even more for him to sing!

Over the next few weeks, we will be (hopefully) taking you on the journey behind the scenes of how we are changing the show. These include looking for equipment, designing the new sound and re-branding of the show as well as general banter with the team that don’t get mentioned enough.

I hope this explains a bit about where we are going. It still amazes me that this project started so small, with a silly yet simple goal, and now has grown to such an awesome place to be part of. As always I am humbled with your support, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the show.